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Synergy Coaches Corner

Synergy Coaches Corner

Synergy Coaches Corner is intended to be an information depot for all Synergy coaches. There is a lot of information and links below to help you plan your summer season.

Following are recommended steps for a Synergy coach planning out the summer season.

1. Assemble the team and coaching staff. Register coaches with ASA and obtain ACE Coaches Certification.

2. Use Synergy Summer Season Calculator to estimate the cost of the season and calculate how much to charge each player. Add some margin to this amount as it is easier to reimburse than to ask each player for more money at the end of the season.

3. Decide which tournaments to enter. Register early as many tournaments fill up quickly. Suggest that you contact tournament directors in March/April to pencil in your team into a tournament.

4. Please use the spreadsheet included in the Synergy Summer Season Calculator to keep track of revenue (player fees, fundraising) and expenses (tournament fees, uniforms, etc). Make copies of everything for your record. Revenue should be given to Ricardo Arias to deposit into the Synergy bank account. Give copy of expenses to Ricardo Arias for reimbursement. If you need a check to pay for a tournament, contact but you need to have funds deposited to cover the check. If you don't have the funds, Ricardo will not cut a check. Same thing goes for reimbursements.

5. Words of advice to coaches, have a someone collect the fees who will in turn send it to Ricardo Arias. I would break the fees up into 2 payments if parents ask. First payment is due at first team meeting. Second payment is due before first tournament. You have to be strict and collect fees. Head coach is responsible for the financials, if the team is in the red, it is on you to cover because Ricardo will not cut any checks if you are in the red. From experience, trying to collect after season is over doesn't work well. You won't get any responses from dead beats.

Good luck and have a successful season.

ASA Registration/ACE Coaches Certification

Coaches need to register with ASA and obtain an ACE Coaches Certification. This is needed for Metro and other ASA sanctioned tournaments.

ASA Championship Roster Form

Please use this form only if you plan to enter the USA/ASA Metro (Association Championships in Sunnyvale), otherwise work with Vickie Erichsen to get your team registered with USA/ASA.

USSSA Team registration

Use this link to register your team for USSSA

AllStar Tournaments (AST) Team registration

Use this link to register your team for AST

USA/ASA Rulebook

This link provides a link to the ASA softball rules

2020 ASA Rule changes

This is a summary of the rule changes for 2020. The biggest change is that pitchers can step back with the launch leg in windup.

2020 USSSA Rulebook

This rulebook also includes eligibility, roster, and other administrative rules besides softball rules. NOTE: Allstar Tournaments (AST) uses USSSA rules except they allow usage of the Easton 2018 Ghost Bat (Blue logo) while USSSA does not. USSSA allows 2019 Ghost (Yellow logo). 2020 and later Ghost bats are allowed for both USA/ASA and USSSA.

USA/ASA Tournaments

Links to NorCal USA/ASA tournaments

AllStar Tournaments (AST)

Use this link if you're interested in AST tournaments. This was formerly associated with USSSA but going forward in 2019, it is it's own sanction.